Compounding is the process of preparing a customized medication to meet a patient’s individual needs.
Yes, every compounded medication requires a prescription.
We have forms available for you to submit to insurance. We do not process claims through the Compounding Pharmacy.
Many prescriptions can be prepared the same day, however we do ask for 48 hours notice if possible. We do make everything by hand, and some preparations take longer than others. Please remember we are not compounding on weekends, and if an ingredient needs to be ordered there may be a delay.
Your healthcare provider can either call in the prescription or fax it to the pharmacy.
Yes, we can make that medication in the exact dosage for the size and weight of the child, plus we can flavor them to your child’s taste.
We can compound that medicine that is no longer commercially sold as long as the active ingredients are still available.
Yes, we can. We can compound them into many different forms including a suppository or a topical gel.
Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy uses only the highest grade chemicals, devices, and equipment in our formulations. Our chemical suppliers are registered and inspected by the FDA and DEA.
A customized compounded hormone is a hormone that is not synthetic. It has the exact same molecular structure as what the body makes and is derived from a plant source. It is also customized for you in the strength, combination, and dosage form that your healthcare provider has determined is correct for you.
Yes, our pharmacists are extremely knowledgeable on the use of compounded prescriptions and they are also available for consultations with your healthcare provider.
Patients can pick up their prescriptions between 9:00am and 6:00pm Monday through Friday. We also do mail out prescriptions for a small fee, and offer free delivery in town.

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