Pharmacy Staff

Our Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy Staff brings years of experience in their compounding services.


Photo of Kelli Shaw, PharmD - Compounding Pharmacist

Curtis Rising, PharmD

Owner and Pharmacist In Charge

In 2016, Curt established Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy to provide medications that are specially made for individual patients.  Compounded medications allow physicians to order a special combination of drugs to meet unique and individual needs.  These medications are used to treat a variety of ailments including autoimmune disorders, pain, hormone therapy and allergies.

Curt grew up in Crawford, Nebraska which is about 120 miles south of Rapid City. He graduated from Crawford High school in 1989 then attended Chadron State College and the University of Nebraska of Omaha for 2 years. He was accepted to the University of Nebraska Medical Center's College of Pharmacy. Curt graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 1995. After graduation, he moved to Rapid City and has practiced at several sites.

In 2006 Curt purchased The Medicine Shoppe where he has expanded service to include custom compounding and custom medication packaging. He also introduced work flow automation and a robotic filling machine that has improved patient care and prescription wait time. A second pharmacy, The Medicine Shoppe Advanced Care Pharmacy, was opened in 2008. This pharmacy serves group homes, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

Nebraska Cornhusker Football is at the top of Curt's special interest list. He also restored and now enjoys driving his grandfather’s 1966 Ford Fairlane. Curt also participates in many outdoor activities with his family including camping, fishing and hunting.

Curt enjoys helping people with their health care needs. "I find it most rewarding," says Curt, "To help people understand their medications and any side effects to improve their health. Education and understanding allows my patients to be empowered to take control of their health."


Photo of Kelli Shaw, PharmD - Compounding Pharmacist

Kelli Shaw, PharmD

Compounding Pharmacist

Kelli grew up in Rapid City, and graduated from Stevens High School in 2004. She studied for two years at The University of Minnesota, before transferring to The University of Montana. She earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2012, and soon after began training as a compounding pharmacist.

Kelli works to keep up to date on the most current practices, and attends specialized training to better serve her compounding patients. She also strives to be a resource for providers interested in finding solutions through personalized treatment. She particularly enjoys helping patients with hormone related issues, autoimmune disorders, and chronic pain problems, using novel approaches in specialized medicine.

Kelli also has a special interest in well rounded healthcare. She encourages patients to pursue an active lifestyle, be mindful of diet and chemical exposure, and researches and promotes vitamins and supplements as a strong base for overall health. 

When she is not in the lab, Kelli is usually busy traveling or exploring the Black Hills. She is involved in multiple sports, both indoors and out, and enjoys spending time with friends and family.


Photo of Jami Young, CPht

Jami Young, CPhT

Jami has been working as a pharmacy technician for over 20 years.  Previously, she has worked for a local retail pharmacy where she had the opportunity to learn retail, long-term care, hospital and compound pharmacy.

Upon landing in compounding 6 years ago, Jami found her true niche.  Earlier this year, Jami joined the Medicine Shoppe team along with her compounding pharmacist, Kelli Shaw.  The two are an amazing team and it is easy to see that they love what they do.

When not working, Jami spends most of her free time with her son and daughter.  Throughout the year, Jami and her daughter travel all over the mid-west for couples dancing competitions.  During the summer Jami is a regular at the race track every Friday night cheering on her son in the Superstock racecar #48k.  Jami’s personal hobbies include cooking, baking and dancing-sometimes all at once.

Another passion of Jami’s is her love of animals.  She has been able to channel that passion into compounding veterinary medicine.  Jami is always researching new innovative ways to help both furry and scaly pets to get their medications.