Solutions Rx

Superior Supplements = Optimal Health

Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy is proud to provide Solutions Rx supplements, which protect your health by replacing essential vitamins to your body that are lost due to nutrient depletion from some prescription drugs and diseases.

Solutions Rx Supplements Include:

  • LC655 - A high dose magnesium chelate formulated to support calm and sleep. Can also aid in relieving nerve and arthritis pain and help prevent migraines and headaches.
  • Womens and Mens Multivitamins - Formulated for great absorption, Solutions Rx multivitamins include digestive enzymes that improve gut health and digestion. They also contain a high concentration of B vitamins for daytime energy.
  • Superior Probiotic - A high quality refrigerated probiotic that helps to refresh your immune system to reduce the risk of infections and other ailments.
  • Superior Bone and Joint Support
  • Options that help control diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.


PCCA partners with compounding pharmacies to offer high quality Wellness Works supplements that aid in digestive health, provide cardiovascular support, solve various health challenges and more.

Wellness Work products are professional-grade and sourced from only the most trusted industry leaders. Each ingredient is tested for purity and potency by certified labs and each product is standardized to ensure consistency. All products meet, or exceed, USP specifications.

Other Top Supplements

Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy carries many supplement lines to meet a variety of needs, including:


Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy offers Scimera’s popular krill oil, which provides natural anti-inflammatory astaxanthin without a fishy taste. Scimera’s probiotic requires no refrigeration and their multivitamins are also available.

Ortho Molecular Products

Turiva from Ortho Molecular Products is a full-spectrum turmeric supplement that detoxifies, increases beneficial bacteria and modulates immune signals.

Adren-All is a blend of essential vitamins and herbs that can help with adrenal fatigue resulting from chronic physical or mental stress. This supplement can also help to normalize cortisol levels.

Your Rushmore Compounding pharmacist can help you find the right supplements to meet your unique health needs. Contact us today for a consultation!