Veterinary compounding are created as pet medication in a variety of flavors.

Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy offers many veterinary compounding services, including:

  • Feline and Canine Compounding
  • Small Animal & Rodent Compounding

Whether your dog refuses to swallow a pill or you have to disguise your cat’s antibiotic in a meaty treat, administering medication to your pet can be a huge hassle that can result in stress for all parties involved. At Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy, we are dedicated in helping you find solutions for your pet’s unique medication needs that will not only improve your pet’s health and well-being, but will make life easier for both you and your pet.

Customized Care

One size does not fit all when it comes to veterinary medical care, as not all medicines available commercially will be appropriate for every animal. With medication compounding through Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy, you will receive the most effective remedy for your pet, ensuring their health for years to come.

In addition to receiving the proper pet medication, we will find a dosage form that best suits you and your pet. From chicken, beef and liver flavored liquids that will please your dog’s palate to creams that can be soothingly rubbed on your cat’s ear, we provide the ideal solution for your pet’s medical needs. By providing your pet an appealing way to ingest the medication they need, the risk of under or overdosing is greatly reduced.

Simplify Your Life

With medicine compounding services, you will not only enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your pet is receiving the most beneficial medication for them, but you will also be able to dispense doses easier. We package each dose individually, which eliminates the need to cut up pills or spend time dividing bottles of medicine.

Protect your pet’s health and make administering medication more stress-free with custom medication compounding at Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy. Ask your veterinarian about getting your pet’s medicine custom compounded by our experienced pharmacists today!

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