Thyroid Therapy

Thyroid therapy can help ease patients suffering from thyroid hormones changes.

When it comes to thyroid therapy, many patients find that Natural Thyroid works better as opposed to synthetic thyroid hormones.

Synthetic thyroid hormones, such as levothyroxine and liothyronine are often prescribed, but many patients have found that Natural Thyroid works much better for them as an alternative.  Often, patients simply do not feel as well when they take levothyroxine alone or with liothyronine, as when they take Natural Thyroid.

We can blend T4 and T3 pure powders in a specific ratio by prescription.  Certain forms and strengths of Natural Thyroid are available only through compounding pharmacies, such as Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy.

Commercially available tablets contain fillers and that may not be tolerated by all patients. When we compound customized dosages, we have the ability to omit any problem-causing inactive ingredients and substitute non-reactive fillers. We welcome your questions and the opportunity to help our thyroid therapy patients.

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